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Our Philosophy
At Freeport Fitness Solutions we believe that fitness should be fun and challenging.  No more boring work-outs -- no tired routines.  Exercise and fitness are more than a sixty minute class.  They extend beyond time spent at the studio or in the gym.  They become a way of life where not only do you learn a new skill, but you learn the discipline and dedication it takes to achieve whatever goals you have.  And sometimes you need a little help or motivation to keep you going.

We offer a variety of fitness classes including strength training, Zumba, boxing/kick boxing, boot camp and personal training.  If you are bored at the gym, why not try our classes?  They are fun, energetic and work out different muscles than you have been working on the treadmill, elliptical or weight machines.  Give us a call or stop by and see how much fun and rewarding fitness can really be.  You will never go back to the gym.
Get Fit and Have Fun! 
Fitness needs to be a way of life and is more than a collection of exercises targeting specific muscle groups.  The body is an unimaginably sophisticated machine that is designed to work as an integral whole.  It is also capable of achieving far more than we can imagine is possible.

Our classes are designed to enhance physical mobility and usable, athletic strength and stamina.  If you want vanity muscles, stick with the weight benches and machines at the gyms. We will challenge the whole neuro-muscular system through increased exercise complexity, not just more weights and higher reps.  And of course, vibrant health is highly dependent on optimized nutrition.  As you know, "you can't outrun a doughnut!"  Point being that health and fitness begins and ends in the kitchen.

You can try your first class for $10. After that, class rates vary depending on the instructor.  Many instructors offer a package deal.

Personal training is one-on-one and costs more, but gives you a personalized, targeted work-out designed to meet your objectives.

Small group instruction costs a bit less per person but still provides the detailed attention of personal training.  The classes are designed for two to four people and include the benefit of being motivated by working out with friends.
Kids and Teens
Freeport Fitness Solutions is also the home to Dancing Plus Gymnastics.  DPG offers dance, gymnastics and fitness classes for children and teens.
For more information, check out  Dancing Plus Gymnastics.
Calendar of Classes
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